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Registration/Tuition and Payment









We thank you for your interest in our specialized tutoring program. Here you may pay for your Monthly tutorial sessions.  Costs associated are as follows: 


Cost per 1 hour tutoring session = $5.00 - $25.00


*Please note: tutoring sessions are an hour long at a scaled rate of $5.00 - $25.00 per group session.  Your rate for each session is contingent on your proof of income. 

We welcome any and all contributions toward the center.  Keep in mind, donations are tax deductible and could be used to provide free tutoring sessions to students in need and/or ensure center sustainability. 








Registration/ Eligibility


Favor Academy is committed to supporting K-8th grade students exhibiting high patterns of  academic deficit and behavior deficit.  Families are strongly encouraged to apply to the FAE tutoring center. The following steps are designed to help your student join our academy!


1. Set up an initial consultation.  The  non-refundable fee for the consultation session is $18.00- 25.00.  This includes diagnostic testing.

​(Please see our income verification form)


2. Attend a family session with our Favor Academy Program Counselor. (Results of the assessments will be reviewed and a learning plan will be developed). 


3. Register to begin the program! (Payments may be made at the center or online. 


Call the center to begin these steps today at:

404-390-3102 (Office Line)


Feel free to complete a consultation appointment request and someone from our team will follow-up within 24-48 hrs.









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We proudly welcome Homeschooled Students! 

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