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Please download and complete the application and income verification form before attending your consultation session.

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Income Verification Forms

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Super Saturdays


Academic success is more than the child's responsibilty, it really becomes a familial goal.  Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. understands just how true that is, which is why super saturdays are also for parents.  During the saturday parent session, you can:


*Learn how to teach your child skills at home


*Meet frequently with your child's counselor to discuss student progress


*Participate in learning sessions with your child


At Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. Tutoring center your participation is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged!

Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. is committed to maintaining quality educational programs for minimal costs.   Due to the specialized services we provide and fair rates, spaces for our programs fill up quickly.  It's our recommendation that interested parents set up appointments for consultations immediately.  During consultation hours with our center office manager, you can discuss student needs and potential start dates. 

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