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Favor Academy of Excellence Teen Parent Program

According to two new analyses (national and state) from the Guttmacher Institute in 2011, about 553,000 pregnancies occurred among teen women aged 15–19, for a national rate of 52.4 pregnancies per 1,000 women in that age-group. This is the lowest rate observed in the last four decades, and it marks a 23% decline from the 2008 teen pregnancy rate of 68.2.  But how do we support the teens who did become pregnant? 

Teen Parent Curriculum
Academic Support
Empowerment Sessions

Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. recognizes that the teenage parent population has a diverse and specific set of needs.  As such, the organization published the teen parent curriculum to help teen parents work through any impacting factors to their success.  Schools and organizations utilize the curriculum to support their teen parent groups.

Education is the single most acquired characteristic that can change your ordinary to extraordinary.  Favor Academy of Excellence recognizes the importance of a solid education, specifically for the teen parent population.  FAE supports teen parents through free tutorial services, field study opportunities and GED prep and funding. 


Annually, FAE teen parents are given the opportunity to compete for scholarships.  FAE is committed to supporting teen parents with both academic and financial support when transitioning to college or a career technical field.  Scholarships range from $250 to $1000. 

Resource Connection

Favor Academy of Excellence provides necessary items for mother/father and child.  Students may receive clothing, baby items, or school materials.  In addition, FAE has an annual toys for tots sponsored toy giveaway and a back to school supply giveaway for teen parents and their surrounding community members.  It takes a village!

Success is often combined with  a person's level of motivation.  FAE believes that our students need more than support and resources to be successful.  We believe they need continued motivation.  Our monthly empowerment sessions are designed to give students an opportunity to connect with each other and discuss any barriers that might interrupt their academic success. Students also complete lessons from the teen parent curriculum during sessions.


Mentoring is a crucial component of the FAE program's success.  Favor Academy of Excellence has certified counselors on hand to support  the teen parents' social and emotional development.  In addition, FAE connects with community volunteers, churches and school personnel to identify people willing to mentor students during their active participation in the program. 

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