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The Annual EnviroMe Teen Mother Summit is an opportunity for more than seventy-five teenage mothers (from the Metro Atlanta school districts) to learn about some environmental influences that may affect the health of themselves or their child(ren). Researchers from Emory University's Children's Health Research Center (C-CHEM) have teamed up with Favor Academy of Excellence, Inc. to ensure students gain access to current environmental health resource information. Information will be delivered through innovative and hands on learning experiences.  The Enviro-ME Symposium will Empower and Educate teenage mothers about the Environment and it's impact on the well-being of mother and child.


The 2017 Enviro-Me Summit  (E3) is centered on three connecting objectives:
E-Empowerment: To offer alternatives to common habits or products that might be hazardous to mother and child.
E- Education: To provide practical and engaging platforms to make research connected to maternal child wellness, available to teenage mothers in the metro Atlanta school districts. 
E- Environment: To identify environmental influences that compromise the health of the teenage mothers and their child(ren).
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